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Dream of an entrepreneur

“In order to contribute to a better world
we have conceived the idea to develop a new form of enterprise. A company that connects extremes: commercial directly with social, profit directly with non-profit, right with injustice, rich with poor. ” Read more…

Fabienne Reijnierse
Founder / CEO

Mission Pontem

Support for projects committed to improving living conditions
and equal opportunities for the most vulnerable groups in society and the world.

“Most vulnerable groups” Pontem meansto be people who are denied their fundamental human rights as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the resulting conventions, ICCPR (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) and ICESCR (International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights). 

Pontem supports

Below you will find the different charity projects
we support.

They die from malnutrition and diseases, cannot develop at school and grow up in an unsafe environment.

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Save the Children helps children in need all over the world with medical care, food, safe childcare places, care for single children and education.
Save the Children is active in 120 countries. As the largest independent aid organization, they are committed to protecting children.

Stichting Bootvluchteling wants to make a difference in the places where it is most needed. Through their volunteers, they provide concrete, practical help to desperate and vulnerable people on the run. More than 22,000 traumatized refugees are stuck in a crowded camp on Lesbos. 

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Stichting Bootvluchteling takes action for medical care and the right to a safe life, so that the refugees in Camp Moria receive the help that everyone is entitled to.

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe with very high unemployment. Due to poverty, many people have already left the villages to go abroad to look for work. Most elderly live alone and have no family to care for them.

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The pension is very low in Moldova. People cannot even pay the monthly bills.

Mensenkinderen has been involved in work in day care centers and elderly care projects in Moldova for more than 5 years.

Together with local churches and with our partner organization OM Moldova they started a “food for the elderly” project.

Currently, 15 day centers are active, where a total of about 100 elderly people are served a hot meal from Monday to Friday.

Project: Rotterdam Centraal
Since 1996, Stichting de Goede Herder has been distributing hot meals, clothing, shoes and possibly sleeping bags and tents to the homeless and addicts or people who are in social isolation and simply need a listening ear or chat.

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Their aim is to build a relationship of trust so that they can support and help this group of people.

The foundation supports this target group all year round with basic needs such as food, clothing, blankets and whatever they need.

They also mediate in placing clients in suitable rehabilitation centers. There they continue to visit them to give them a helping hand in their always hard struggle to escape from that old life and to realize a full life.

Stichting De Goede Herder asks to jointly support the weak of our society and to lend a helping hand to those who simply cannot make it.

Pontem Foundation is happy to support this foundation so that their good works can be continued and expanded.

About 11.000 children work in mica mines in Madagascar. It oftentimes concerns whole families who are carving out mica under difficult circumstances. They are continuously exposed to fine dust,  which can lead to serious lung and respiratory problems. These children do not go to school!

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Lack of money is the main reason for making children work in the mica mines. There is serious exploitation.

Few people have heard of “mica”, but it is almost everywhere. The mineral provides the pearl shine in our eyeshadow, paint and car paint. Moreover, mica is used in laptops, mobile phones, cars and almost all household appliances.

Terre des Hommes is working on the development of a project in Madagascar that banishes child labor in the mica mines by collaborating with various stakeholders.

The Lebanese Sumeya Hamie from Roermond was in Beirut with her family when the enormous explosion at the harbor took place there. Sumeya Hamie is back in Roermond, but will return as soon as possible to help!

“It has been a nightmare since the explosion. A lot of people lost their lives, their homes, their family members even their dreams for the future.”

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“I witnessed the explosion with my kids & family members. Our hotel was a disaster. We saw things we don’t wish for others to see. We are still in shock. But, it doesn’t stop me from starting & completing this project. Containers of love team will help with restoring & cleaning houses, spread food packages to the people in need, cleaning the rubble of the streets etc. We need your help! Please be kind & help us help others. We will place daily reports on how we are spending your donations.”

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